ArcticJam finals this year will be hosted at the coast of arctic Norway.
The location Sommarøya is reknowned for its beautiful beaches, tiny islands and midnight sun.
However, before you join us on the top of the
world this year we want to invite you to our online qualifiers


Check out how last years qualifiers went in 2021 !

Qualifiers 2022 winner 26.06

These winner teams will be updated after qualifiers

The online qualifiers will happen in two stages:

Round 1: hashtag-campaign

There will be 2 preliminary rounds, one for Poland and one for the rest of Europe.

All teams that want to enter needs to send in a video containing the 2 persons competing.

You are welcome to use existing footage and compile them together, if not having a video of you 2 together at the moment, or film something of the 2 persons competing and sending this in. This is up to you, each person does 1 round in the video.

The video gets summited through Instagram using the #arcticjam2022. In description you need to add names of competitors, nationality, and crew name.

To be considered you need to submit your video submitted and in addition you need to follow @dancelab_dansenshus and @arctic_jam on Instagram.

This step is mandatory and will help us with communication with selected teams. If will not compile with those requirements (likes and #) your video will not be considered.

The deadline to submit your video is to 18.06.2022 for Polish teams and 18.06.2022 for European Teams.

Note!! If Polish teams above the age of 25 years enters for the round 1 you will automatically be in the European qualifiers. Inform us on DM on Instagram @arctic_jam 

Out of all videos submitted within the deadline judges will pick 4 best teams (4 from Poland + 4 from Europe). The results will be posted on Instagram and our website

Round 2: Online qualifiers

Online qualifiers will be hosted same (if not better) way than the one that
took place in 2020 & 2021. We will connect with the participants from our
streaming studio here in Norway and you will join it from your location, so
you need to make sure that you have strong internet connection and
device you will use for streaming (like phone or computer).

Each top 4 teams will battle in their own category. That means that Top 4
Polish teams will battle each other to select 1 winning team and
Top 4 European teams will battle to select 1 winning European team.

This means we will have two winning teams: one from Scandinavia and
one from Europe.

Taking place on Sommarøya in epic scenery. The winning teams will also recieve transport by fjord boats to the venue.

Terms and conditions for competitors

In order to run a successful online qualifiers we, The Arctic Jam Team in
co-operations with media operator has set some criteria that needs to be
approved by competitors.

This will ensure full transparency in details of running this event. Terms
and conditions must be approved by top 8 selected teams (4 European teams plus 4 Polish teams) and demands met pre-hand regarding running of the online qualifiers and final battle in Tromsø.

This should be read now beforehand and needs to be accepted before 18. of June 2022 by selected top 8.

Technical requirements for online qualifiers